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Christmas Holiday Schedule - Last Shipment Dates To Europe

Great Britain (For Highlands and Islands add at least 1 additional day) 20/12/2019
France 16/12/2019
Germany 16/12/2019
Belgium 13/12/2019
Luxembourg 13/12/2019
Estonia 16/12/2019
Lithuania 13/12/2019
Latvia 13/12/2019
Netherlands 13/12/2019
Portugal 17/12/2019
Poland 13/12/2019
Switzerland 16/12/2019
Croatia 16/12/2019
Austria 13/12/2019
Czech Republic 16/12/2019
Romania 13/12/2019
Italy 13/12/2019
Spain 16/12/2019
Sweden 17/12/2019
Norway 16/12/2019
Denmark 16/12/2019
Finland 16/12/2019

Road Service to Europe





We all share the #SameAddress

Earlier this week DPDgroup launched its third annual pan-European Campaign.

One thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is that we are one global community. At DPDgroup we’ve always known this yet it has never been clearer than in the current situation.

This is the third consecutive year of the 100% digital pan-European #communication campaign! The motto of this year’s pan-European Campaign is ‘We all share the #SameAddress'. This year’s campaign tells the story of how essential delivery services have become during the Covid-19 pandemic.

DPD plays a critical role in the Supply Chain operating all over Ireland. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, our teams have delivered urgent products to GP Surgeries, to Pharmacies and Hospitals, and continue to do so.

We deliver essentials to people working from home, or at home caring for loved ones. We will continue to provide collection and delivery services for our customers, according to the Government and HSE guidelines.

The campaign will take place in 19 countries, and will run for three weeks.

E-commerce has surged beyond expectation, with more than 300 million parcels delivered by our teams in Europe in April and May! We have supported healthcare professionals and local businesses around the world and experienced a groundswell of thanks from them. “As logistics and delivery experts, our role has been vital in maintaining the economic and social lifeline between businesses and consumers and to respond to the drastic change in requirements that arose from this crisis,” comments Boris Winkelmann, Executive Vice President of DPDgroup.

To discover our campaign, click Here.