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What is the latest on Brexit?


Here at DPD Ireland our preparations for Brexit are continuing at a pace to ensure that we can maintain a smooth movement of parcels through the DPD Network, regardless of what the final outcome might be. In the meantime, the UK and the EU must go back to the negotiating table again and either agree to a revised deal or no deal. Right now, we are working towards a possibility that after June 1st and the UK do not participate in the EU elections, free movement of goods between Republic of Ireland and the UK might be restricted and subject to customs processes similar to those which currently apply to goods travelling to/from countries outside of the EU. With participation in the EU elections the deadline would be extended to October 31st. After this date with no deal agreed the UK would leave the EU.
What is DPD doing to prepare for Brexit?

DPD have been actively working to mitigate any disruption that may occur if there is no deal in place and UK leave the customs union. We have undertaken a complete analysis of our operation in terms of Network operations, IT requirements, customs and contingency planning to account for all possible scenarios to ensure that our customers' needs are taken care of.

What does a no customs agreement mean for cross border?

Currently there is free movement of goods between EU countries. However, if there is a no customs agreement post Brexit, parcels traveling from the UK into the EU will require customs processes up to and including custom declarations and taxes.

Will my goods be subject to Customs Clearance?

While negotiations are still ongoing internally in the UK, if the UK do not participate in the EU elections, June 1st becomes the deadline for Brexit and if a withdrawal agreement cannot be reached, all goods travelling between the EU and UK will need to be customs cleared before delivery can take place.

Are DPD prepared for this increase in Customs Activity?

Yes DPD have been working on the resources and capabilities to handle the increase in customs activity in the scenario of agreement not being reached. DPD is upgrading our Shipping Solution to incorporate fields for all the relevant data required to support customs clearance. This upgraded system will be rolled out over the next number of weeks. DPD is also establishing mechanisms to support collection of duties and taxes on inbound parcels. We are working very closely with both the Irish and British Customs Authorities.

What additional data will be needed for goods to travel?

Consignor EORI
Consignee EORI (If Business to Business)
Harmonization codes or Commodity code
Country of Origin
Description of goods
Valuation of the goods
With the introduction of DPD's new Shipping Solution the above information will be captured on here electronically.

Common mistakes when creating customs documents.

- Misclassification of goods for export - this leads to the receiver paying higher amount in Vat and Duty unnecessarily.
- Under declaring the value of goods - it is the shipper's responsiblity to ensure that value of goods is accurately calculated. In the event that an inaccurate value is provided, this may result in an audit by the Customs Authorities and have an impact on free movement of future shipments from that shipper.
- Ambiguous item descriptions - Items should be clearly described as to what they are.
- Incorrect Country of Origin - the Country of Manufacture, not country of export.

Will there be restrictions on particular goods?

Yes if there is a scenario where there is a No Deal caused by the UK not participating in the EU elections or no deal been agreed by October 31st , certain items travelling between the EU and UK will now become prohibited. The Revenue Authorities provide comprehensive information on prohibited goods - please check the links provided: https://www.revenue.ie/en/customs-traders-and-agents/prohibitions-and-restrictions/index.aspx

What is a deferred payment account?

 A deferred payment authorization allows traders to defer payment on duties and taxes. Such payments can be made by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). Credit must be available on the account before a transaction is submitted.

What is a TSF?

TSF or Temporary storage facility is a customs controlled warehouse for the retention of imported goods until the Vat / Duty has been paid and customs released by Revenue / HMRC. DPD will operate a TSF facility.

What about orders coming into me from the UK?

DPD is setting up a facility whereby duty and taxes may be collected via an online platform. Alternatively, the shipper may collect duties and taxes from you in advance of shipping the parcel.

What is an SPRN number?

SPRN means Small Parcel Registration Number.

The SPRN number relates to Exports to Northern Ireland and GB only. By registering for an SPRN No with HMRC, an Irish registered business is billed directly (by HMRC) for any UK VAT due on a consignment valued less than £135 (GBP). The consignee does not pay the VAT.

To register go to : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/register-for-import-vat-on-parcels-you-sell-to-uk-buyers

What is a EORI number?

EORI number' is short for 'Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number' and is a system of unique identification numbers used by customs authorities throughout the European Union

How can i apply for a EORI number?