Green Last Mile
DPD Ireland launches first of its kind “Green Last Mile” delivery service using Electric Bikes.

As part of its Smart Urban Delivery pillar, DPD Ireland have launched a new scheme to deliver 1000 parcels per day in Bettystown, Laytown and Drogheda using 1 double decker bus and 10 e- bikes. This is an innovative solution to increased parcel delivery demand at this time of year.

The CO2 saving is significant, too, as the scheme is effectively replacing 10 diesel vans with 1 double-decker bus and 10 electric bicycles. At full capacity, the scheme can save 550Kg of CO2 emissions each week.

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Smart Urban Delivery
DPD aims to deliver more parcels in city centres, while reducing its carbon footprint per parcel and providing a best-in-class customer experience. DPD focuses on improving urban quality of life with sustainable delivery solutions.

In October 2020, DPDgroup announced a €200m investment in low and zero emissions vehicles, including electric vans. The group will have 7,700 low and zero emissions vehicles delivering Green Last Mile in 225 major European cities by 2025. With a target to reduce carbon emissions per parcel by 30% by 2025. As a leading parcel delivery company, DPD has a role to play in reducing the negative impact of climate change. Since 2012, DPD has measured and reduced all its carbon emissions, offsetting all transport and energy contributions to deliver their commitment of carbon neutral delivery.

Initiatives such as Pickup Shops, Air Quality Monitoring and its use of urban depots are all part of DPD’s Smart Urban Delivery pillar.

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We All Share The #SameAddress

The second part of DPDgroup's 2020 #SameAddress campaign aims at promoting our environmental commitment as a group.  

Wherever you live, wherever you work or wherever your parcels are delivered, we all share the SameAddress – our planet -  and we must take care of it. 

Follow the activity on our social media platforms.  #SameAddress

Conscious of our responsibility towards the planet and its people, we aim at being the most sustainable delivery company in Europe.

Boris Winkelmann, Chairman & CEO of GeoPost / DPDgroup

Ireland's first electric parcel delivery depot opened its doors at the end of April 2019 at Dublin’s Docklands Innovation Park on East Wall Road.
The all electric fleet serves the Dublin City Centre area, providing a green final mile delivery solution to consumers in the area. DPD Ireland’s electric fleet, comprises vehicles in a range of sizes from small Paxsters whose versatile size allows easy movement throughout the city streets, to the Goupils and LDVs which are suited to carrying larger parcels. 

‘Making Dublin Cleaner One Delivery At A Time’ Our ElectriCity initiative has been inspired by our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility. As a carrier, we have a responsibility to the environment and to our customers. Every parcel delivered by our electric fleet is directly reducing carbon impact. We’re making Dublin cleaner, one delivery at a time! Our distinct floral motif is inspired by a commitment to becoming more clean and green, increasing our transparency and connecting more closely with our community.

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Our Electric Fleet

DPD Ireland has sourced a range of electric vehicles to suit our parcel profile. The nippy little Paxster is ideal for city centre deliveries, while the Goupil and LDV have greater capacity and are more suitable for larger parcel delivery and customer collections.

Produced in Norway.
100% electric.
Range 100km
Max speed 45km
Charging time 8 hours
Capacity 0.5m cube

Produced in France.
100% electric.
Range 135km.
Max speed 50km
Charging time 6 hours.
Capacity 3m cube

Produced in China
100% electric
Range 200km
Max speed 100km
Charging 2 hours
Capacity 10.2m cube


You can read more on DPDgroup’s Driving Change initiatives below:

Carbon Neutral Commitment
Carbon Neutral Commitment - Committed to 100% carbon neutral deliveries

Wherever you call home, we only have one Earth. That’s why DPDgroup is committed to fighting climate change with each and every parcel delivery. We do this by precisely measuring our carbon footprint per parcel, reducing it in any way we can, and offsetting the remaining emissions by funding clean energy projects around the world.

The result is 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery across Europe. All at no extra cost to our customers. In 2019, we reduced CO2 emissions by 14% per parcel. We also topped the voluntary carbon offset market in the CEP sector. Through our leading tech and talented teams, the DPD Ireland Team will work tirelessly towards reducing our carbon emissions per parcel by 30% by 2025.

Smart Urban Delivery - Delivering a Zero Emissions Future

Smart Urban Delivery has been a key focal point for DPD for several years. DPD Ireland was the first carrier to offer our customers communication regarding their delivery time window. While our operational efficiency has been driven by innovative technological solutions like our DPD Predict ™ service, our commitment now is even more visible with our great new electric fleet and depot. As one of the largest delivery companies in Europe, DPDgroup strives to reduce our environmental footprint to improve everyday urban life for communities everywhere. To achieve this, we are rolling out zero emission and low emission delivery vehicles across our fleets along with emission reduction initiatives and innovative delivery solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of every parcel we deliver.

Innovative Entrepreneurship - Dedicated to help local enterprise thrive, through our expertise

Bright ideas and brave thinking drive us all forward. At DPDgroup we believe in fostering that spirit of innovation to help us grow as a business, to help our employees grow in skills and ambition, and to help communities grow to solve social challenges and innovate for positive change. We do this by stimulating employee innovation. By empowering social entrepreneurs and by supporting innovative projects in the communities where we operate.DPD Ireland’s PickUp Network: Innovative Entrepreneurship is all about sharing our expertise to help local enterprise thrive. In Ireland, we operate a network of 400 PickUp locations. These are corner stores or small shops with late opening hours, where we can leave a parcel for collection. This drives footfall in store, supporting local businesses, while offering a convenient pickup point for our customers to receive parcels, if they opt for this.

Closer communities - Dedicated to support our communities worldwide

As recent times have shown us, wherever you live, we are all connected. That’s why DPDgroup and our staff in all the countries we operate in go all-out to support local communities in any way we can. DPD Ireland sponsors the Irish Wheelchair Association, Jack and Jill, and Stampify. By bringing people together, we help make a difference in lots of small ways. For DPDgroup, it helps us understand local challenges and support worthy causes. For our employees, it unlocks passion for causes close to their heart. For communities everywhere, it’s our way of saying thank you.

Employer of Choice - Attached to respect and inclusion, because we care for our people
‘Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’

At DPDgroup, we believe in taking care of our workforce and we want to attract employees who share our values. That’s why we offer the best training, development and career progression opportunities. We’re committed to promoting employee health, safety and wellbeing. It starts with providing a mindful, respectful and ethical workplace for all. It’s about inclusion, diversity and equality. Our people and our principles are what make us… your delivery experts.

DPD Ireland has revamped its canteen and installed a new chillout area in the Customer Services Department. Our Garden at Head Office is a place for employees to relax and get some fresh air throughout the day. In June 2020 DPD Ireland launched its Wellbeing Live with Laya Healthcare programme.