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Our Carbon Neutral Commitment 




DPDgroup is aiming to provide 100% carbon neutral deliveries through measuring, reducing and offsetting. 

DPDgroup measures DPD’s carbon footprint using tools and methods which are audited externally. Through the use of a growing fleet of low emission vehicles we are reducing our CO2 emissions per parcel. We also offset the remaining emissions, including both ones directly generated by our transport operations and energy consumption and indirectly from outsourced transport. Thanks to these steps, we have already seen positive change. In 2019, we reduced CO2 emissions by 14% parcel. We also topped the voluntary carbon offset market in the CEP market. 

To discover more about our carbon neutral commitment, read our 2019 #CorporateSocialResponsibility Report: https://lnkd.in/d5Td_fK


Ireland's first electric parcel delivery depot opened its doors at the end of April 2019 at Dublin’s Docklands Innovation Park on East Wall Road.

The all electric fleet serves the Dublin City Centre area, providing a green final mile delivery solution to consumers in the area.

DPD Ireland’s electric fleet, comprises vehicles in a range of sizes from small Paxsters whose versatile size allows easy movement throughout the city streets, to the Goupils and LDVs which are suited to carrying larger parcels. 

DPD Going Green

Smart Urban Delivery has been a key focal point for DPD for several years. DPD Ireland was the first carrier to offer our customers communication regarding their delivery time window. While our operational efficiency has been driven by innovative technological solutions like our DPD Predict ™ service, our commitment now is even more visible with our great new electric fleet and depot.

Making Dublin Cleaner One Delivery At A Time

Our ElectriCity initiative has been inspired by our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility. As a carrier, we have a responsibility to the environment and to our customers. Every parcel delivered by our electric fleet is directly reducing carbon impact. We’re making Dublin cleaner, one delivery at a time! Our distinct floral motif is inspired by a commitment to becoming more clean and green, increasing our transparency and connecting more closely with our community.The Irish Government has set a target of having 10% of all vehicles on the road by 2020 electric. There were less than 4,000 electric cars in Ireland on the road at the start of 2018. Ireland has also set itself the target of ending the sale of cars powered solely by fossil fuels by 2030.

At DPD Ireland we believe in continuing to move forward with our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and are driven to helping Ireland meet these targets.


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Our Electric Fleet

DPD Ireland has sourced a range of electric vehicles to suit our parcel profile. The nippy little Paxster is ideal for city centre deliveries, while the Goupil and LDV have greater capacity and are more suitable for larger parcel delivery and customer collections.

Produced in Norway.
100% electric.
Range 100km
Max speed 45km
Charging time 8 hours
Capacity 0.5m cube

Produced in France.
100% electric.
Range 135km.
Max speed 50km
Charging time 6 hours.
Capacity 3m cube

Produced in China
100% electric
Range 200km
Max speed 100km
Charging 2 hours
Capacity 10.2m cube