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E-Shopper Barometer Report 2018

DPDgroup, Ireland’s leading parcel delivery brand reveals the rapidly changing landscape of online shopping in Ireland and Europe in a new E-Shopper Barometer report.


DPDgroup, Ireland’s leading parcel delivery brand reveals the rapidly changing landscape of online shopping in Ireland and Europe in a new E-Shopper Barometer report published today.

In the first and most extensive report to focus on online shopping trends in Europe, Kantar TNS interviewed 23,450 participants across 21 countries*.

The survey highlights micro trends including the most surprising online purchases, the frequency of online shopping by internet users, as well as preferred payment methods across Europe. It also unearths macro trends such as the rapid growth of mobile shopping in countries with lower internet penetration, the increasing preference for e-shopping abroad for bargains, and the importance of transparency and flexibility offered in deliveries and returns.

Maeve Dwyer, Head of Marketing and Customer Services at DPD Ireland commented, “The Irish report provides a clear overview of e-shoppers’ online behaviours and e-commerce trends – these are extremely valuable insights and help us to shape our business. Over the last number of years DPD Ireland has heavily invested in research around the entire customer journey, including the delivery experience. We believe that by looking at the various different steps within that journey, such as ease of ordering, delivery timeframes, returns policies etc, we can ensure a more enjoyable overall shopping experience for the consumer. By improving the consumer’s experience, we generate loyalty not only to the DPD brand but also to the brands of all the etailers who ship with us. We place great importance on our customer feedback and are focused on keeping abreast of changing trends in the industry.”


General Irish market trends:

•       With 8.1%, Ireland's declared share of online shopping among total shopping is below the European average (9.6%).

•       The level of connectivity to the Internet does not necessarily imply a similar level of regular online shopping: Ireland has a medium level of Internet penetration (81%) vs. the other Western countries, but nearly two thirds of them regularly buy online (51% overall, 63% of Irish Internet users).

•       The Irish are amongst the most avid online shoppers for fashion in Europe. They are generally relatively frequent buyers ('at least once a month') - particularly for groceries ('dry goods') and fashion, books and beauty/healthcare.

•       Nevertheless, some Irish e-shoppers declared that they might stop purchasing certain items online (39%), naming the need to save money as the main cause (45%).

•       Regarding shopping habits, Ireland is in line with the European average of online shopping habits regarding websites, with 83% always or regularly buying on the same websites. Ireland has a high rate of e-shoppers that use tablets to make their purchases compared to other countries, but a laptop is still the favourite device to shop online.

Cross-border delivery:

•       75% of Irish e-shoppers has already bought at least once from a foreign website, and unsurprisingly, most commonly from the UK.

•       The main drivers for buying abroad are the attraction of better deals and the availability of specific products, whereas the main barriers are concerns over delivery, return and security.


Latest purchases:

•       The types of goods that Irish e-shoppers spent the largest average amounts on were high-tech, electronics and leisure.

•       81% of latest purchases, were made on websites already used before, and 60% of e-shoppers went directly onto that particular website.

•       Among the websites last purchased on, Amazon was ahead of other retailers, with twice more visits than eBay.

•       Delivery was free for 55% of Irish e-shoppers’ latest purchases (a low percentage compared to other European countries) and home was by far the favored place of delivery (75%), followed by work (10%).

•       6% of e-shoppers returned their latest purchased purchases, of which fashion was the type of goods that was returned the most.

•       62% of e-shoppers considered that their latest online purchase was easy and 96% were satisfied with the experience, leading 88% of them to say that they would continue purchasing that item online.

E-shoppers’ behaviour towards e-shopping

•       Ireland is less engaged to e-commerce than other European countries with an E-shopping Engagement Index of 70.2%, which is below the European average of 72.1%.

•       The more engaged e-shoppers are, the more they use and are influenced by others’ feedback on social media.

Drivers and barriers to further e-commerce development

•       Transparent product pricing and delivery costs and clear return policies are the criteria considered most important when buying online.

•       Features most likely to prevent from buying online are websites facing technical problems, complicated return processes and a lack of stock.

Focus on payment and delivery options:

•       Paying online by digital wallet (Paypal, Alipay) and Visa/ MasterCard are the preferred payment methods, which is in line with preferred payment methods across Europe.

•       Home delivery is currently the most successful place of delivery, but the strongest identified growth opportunity for alternative locations is towards post offices and retail stores.

•       Most of the proposed delivery/ return options, and particularly next day delivery, would make e-shoppers more likely to purchase from a website. Heavy buyers are keener than others on same-day delivery.

•       74% would be more inclined to purchase from a website/retailer that offers a 1-hour delivery window/timeslot.



European shoppers look for opportunities in neighbouring countries:

●      52% of e-shoppers have made a purchase from a foreign website, although an analysis of latest online purchases shows that only 17% were made on foreign websites, suggesting significant room for growth.

●      Fashion, electronics and books the most popular products types.

●      Western European countries favour geographic proximity for purchases on foreign websites with 33% of e-shoppers buying on sites located in neighbouring markets.

●      Shoppers need the cross-border experience to improve, particularly delivery and the returns process, as foreign websites do not always take into account specific local requirements or delivery networks.


Ways to shop and pay vary, but trust and flexibility are a key constant

●      Most online purchases are still made by laptop or desktop PC. Orders made by smartphone (35%) are growing and 42 % of those surveyed said that they consider a mobile friendly website an essential factor in making purchases.

●      Digital wallets e.g. PayPal still outstrip credit cards as the preferred means of payment online (42% to 35%), even in many Western European countries, while cash-on-delivery is most popular in the Eastern Bloc, highlighting the importance of trust when making purchases.

●      Home is still the preferred point of delivery for 84 % of participants, but many are considering alternatives such as parcel delivery lockers or post offices, underlining the need for seamless delivery options that fit shoppers’ lifestyles.

●      Flexibility is key. Most e-shoppers say next day delivery, real-time tracking and the option to reschedule are more likely to make them purchase from a specific retailer over other delivery options including weekend or evening deliveries. Nearly half of e-shoppers also rely on delivery time notifications provided by the courier.

Heavy buyers drive online shopping, but habits are changing:

●      Heavy buyers account for 85 % of declared online purchases in Europe, meaning attracting repeat customers is now more important than ever for e-tailers. Flexible and reliable delivery options will be crucial in encouraging occasional buyers to purchase more frequently.

●      Internet penetration does not correlate with the average number of online purchases made each year; just 44 % of e-shoppers in the Netherlands, 94 % population online, buy online once per month or more, compared to 52 % of Italians, just 66 % of population online.

●      Fashion, books, electronics, beauty and health products remain most popular across Europe, with some startling local variations. The UK is far ahead in % age of food purchases made online, while German shoppers are the most comfortable ordering medicine from websites.

Following €13 million expansion, DPD Ireland doubles in size

Prime Minister Enda Kenny admiring the expanded DPD Hub  





DPD Ireland will officially open its newly expanded sortation facility at its Headquarters in Athlone today, Monday, 23rd January 2017. The facility has doubled in size from 50,000 to 100,000 sq ft and the expansion will enable the company to triple its daily parcel handling capacity from 50,000 to 150,000.


In December 2015, two hundred jobs were announced across various disciplines. Over the course of the last 12 months, one hundred positions were filled. By the end of 2017, the remaining one hundred positions will be recruited, the positions being sorting technicians, drivers and administrative staff which will be located in Athlone and throughout the country.


The Taoiseach Enda Kenny said, “DPD's investment of over €13m in this new facility is testament to the growth and confidence in our economy. It is great to see DPD double their capacity and treble their daily parcel handling capacity, especially here in Athlone. The creation of approximately 100 new jobs, as well as the contribution to the local economy in other areas, is extremely welcome. The strength of DPD's business is indicative of the increasing importance of on-line trade but also recovery in our economy. The growth we're experiencing is strong and broad based. Employment continues to grow with more than 190,000 new jobs created since we launched the Action Plan for Jobs in 2012."


Brendan O’Neill, Chief Executive of DPD Ireland commented, “In line with our business vision, demand has increased by almost 20% over the last twelve months. The expanded premises allows us to cater for the growing needs of our customers. Along with the current expansion we have extended our working week to six days which is an example of our continued commitment to our customers.”


DPD Ireland confirmed revenues of €70.8m in 2016 and are on track to report revenues of over €75m for 2017.


DPD Ireland has 38 depots throughout the country and will handle in excess of 16 million parcels this year. The company currently employs almost 1,000 people.


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DPD Ireland is testing the possible use of flying drones

DPD Ireland and its parent company, GeoPost, is testing the possible use of flying drones as a new way to deliver parcels.

The trial, which has been named the ‘GeoDrone’ Project, looked into the considerations surrounding the utilisation of “drones” to access isolated areas (mountains, islands, rural areas, etc).

“As one of the main express parcel companies in Europe, we think that it is our responsibility to innovate and study the potential of new technologies.  We’re keen to harness the new possibilities offered by technology to develop solutions that combine safety and reliability.   This was at the forefront of our thinking when we launched the GeoDrone project.” said Philippe Cassan, the GeoDrone project director.

As part of the test, which took place in September at the Centre for Autonomous Model Testing and Studies (CEEMA) site in France, the drone successfully carried out a complete and fully automated parcel transportation flight including take off, flight phase, landing and return to base station.

With its six electric rotors, the drone, which was developed as part of the GeoDrone project, transported a 2kg parcel over a 1,200-metre distance during the test.  The drone is capable of transporting a parcel weighing up to 4kg within a 20km radius, regardless of the type of terrain.

The drones provide a means of overcoming geographical constraints, infrastructure, traffic and some adverse weather conditions.

Drones could certainly be part of a suite of delivery options by DPD Ireland in the not too distant future!

DPD Parcel Wizard

With Parcel Wizard from DPD, you're in control!

DPD Ireland's new FREE delivery service works around your schedule. We understand that plans change so Parcel Wizard's flexible options work with you. So whether you'll be at home or at work, or you'd prefer your order to go to a different address, tell us where and when, and we'll deliver.

Sign up TODAY for FREE at dpdparcelwizard.ie and you could win a €100 online shopping voucher!


We go out of our way to deliver


"Best Van Fleet Award" - Fleet Transport 2015 Awards

Great start to October! Declan Corcoran and his team at DPD Galway scooped the Best Van Fleet Award at the Fleet Transport 2015 Awards last night! Well done Declan and the Ballybane team. That's a great achievement.

''Innovation in Last Mile Delivery'' - Zetes 30 Awards

Delighted to receive the award for ''Innovation in Last Mile Delivery'' at the Zetes 30 event!

Our pre-advice and Predict delivery time slot communications and real-time track and trace ensures our customer are always up to speed with the status of their delivery. We're focused on developing innovative delivery solutions that make life simpler!

Giving control back to the e-Consumer

Don't miss Maeve Dwyer's (Service Delivery & Marketing Manger - DPD Ireland) article "Giving control back to the e-Consumer", on this month's Retail Times Magazine, p.14> http://www.retailexcellence.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Magazine-SeptOct-2014.pdf

DPD Ireland North West & Central Dublin Depot
We are delighted to announce that DPD Depot 7 and DPD Depot 9 have been consolidated in a new, large premises at Ballycoolin, Dublin 15.

In a spacious, modern building, this new depot is very accessible from both the M2 and M3, and the expansion will ensure that DPD can meet all your collection and delivery needs well into the future.

Your normal service will not be disrupted in any way and there will be no changes to delivery or collection times. 

Larry Lydon, who is currently the network member for Depot 9, will now be responsible for both Depot 7 and Depot 9. 

The new depot address details are as follows:

Network Member Larry Lydon
Address Unit 9
Rosemount Business Park
Dublin 15
Tel 01 8829933
Fax 01 8829934
Email depotx7@dpd.ie

DPD Ireland - Fermanagh & Tyrone Depot 80

We are delighted to announce that, from Saturday 28th June, Mr. Jamie Mullholland will commence as Network member for DPD Ireland Fermanagh  & Tyrone Depot 80. Jamie has a vast experience within DPD as he was a previous Network Member for D63 South Down.

Depot address and phone numbers will remain the same.

Network Member

Jamie Mulholland


Units 60/61

Dungannon Enterprise Centre

2 Coalisland Road


BT71 6JT

Tel  02887 729306

Fax 02887 750190

Email depot80@dpd.ie

DPD Ireland achieves TAPA accreditation

DPD Ireland achieves TAPA accreditation

DPD, Ireland’s largest dedicated parcel delivery network, has just announced that its Athlone sortation hub and logistics facility has been awarded the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) “A” certification.

TAPA is globally recognised as the leader in the fight against cargo crime. DPD is now among 320 European businesses who are TAPA members - including manufacturers and distributors as well as transport providers. According to the European Union, the theft of high value, high risk products moving in supply chains in Europe costs businesses in excess of €8.2 billion a year.

Brendan O’ Neill, CEO of DPD Ireland, said that obtaining TAPA A accreditation underpins  DPD’s commitment to providing industry leading service to its customers.  “DPD was the first to introduce real-time, live, parcel track and trace to the Irish market. We have invested significant time and resources into ensuring that our facilities meet the rigorous standards set out by TAPA. Access to our sortation hub and logistics premises is fully biometrically controlled, with state of the art surveillance systems operating internally and externally.

“The integrity of the supply chain is extremely important to our customers”, Brendan O’ Neill said.  “We are the delivery partner for many of Ireland's leading electronic, pharmaceutical and high value brands. Having  TAPA A accreditation demonstrates DPD’s commitment to security to both our customers and our staff.”

Operating in Ireland since 1986, DPD processes almost 50,000 parcels through its delivery network nightly. With 38 depots throughout the island of Ireland, DPD provides overnight delivery to every location in Ireland, every working day.

Photo features:


George Dooley, Hub Operations Manager

Brendan O'Neill, Chief Executive Officer

Fidelma Gately, Network & Security Manager

Ireland's new postal code service has gone live

Delighted to be at the launch of Ireland's new national postcode system Eircode today.  We'll all be receiving our Eircodes in Spring 2015!


Multichannel Delivery & Fulfilment from a Customer’s Eye View

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Retail Times, the Retail Excellence Ireland trade publication. You can download a pdf of the full magazine on the Retail Excellence Ireland website here.

By Brendan O’Neill, CEO, DPD Ireland

As multichannel retail evolves, consumer expectations are shifting, and the customer journey becoming more complex. Yet this complexity is spawning new and exciting opportunities for retailers to reach customers at multiple touch points, from in store and online store, to mobile app and social media. While you might be inclined to think of online and offline operations as separate, the more e-savvy customers are not making the distinction between their online and offline experiences with a brand. Whether your business is already a multichannel entity, or you are in the consideration phase, delivering brand consistency and exceptional customer service across all channels should be a top priority.

From a fulfilment and distribution perspective, this means optimising your operations to meet your customers’ expectations, whether they’re buying online, in-store or cross-channel. And understanding just what your plugged-in consumer expects, and may come to expect in the future, can be a good starting point for deciding how best to implement or grow your multichannel operation.


From where the consumer’s standing, the most visible, and most important part of your e-fulfilment and distribution process is delivery. Ensuring that the customer’s entire experience around delivery is a good one, from the purchase process through to the arrival of their goods, will go a long way toward encouraging their repeat business.

Study after study has shown that when ordering online, consumers want – and expect – more information around delivery. They also want flexible options, including the ability to change delivery dates or times, and the ability to reroute a parcel.

As multichannel moves into ‘omnichannel’, more customers are gravitating toward cross-channel delivery and returns options offered by retailers, too, such as the ability to order online and collect in store, return online purchases in store, or order out of stock items for home delivery from within store.

When it comes to returns, customers expect an easy and inexpensive process, and they want to know what your policy is before they commit to buying from you. An overly complicated returns policy, charging too much for returns or burying your policy in the fine print of your website have all been cited in market research as some of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

In creating or re-evaluating your shipping strategy, consider how delivery and returns fit into your target customer’s journey. Establish personas for customers to get a better sense of how they’re likely to shop. This will help you determine what delivery and returns options you want to offer and if at some point cross-channel options would be worthwhile.

To ensure a seamless customer service experience with your brand, it’s also important to be aware of the level of customer service shoppers will receive in relation to delivery. Our experience tells us that customers will often seek out the delivery company directly when they have a query or delivery issue. And customers who shop online often turn to online channels first, including social media. Evaluate how your carrier handles customer service issues, and through which channels. Do they have a phone number to call? Do they have a presence on Twitter and / or Facebook, and if so, are they prepared to handle customer queries there?

Once you have your strategy in place, be sure you inform your customers on your website about delivery charges and timeframes. Present a prominent link to your delivery information on the home page so customers can see how delivery will occur and what charges they can expect for any different options you may offer. Inform the customer exactly what they will be charged for delivery of the items in their shopping cart before they place their order.


From a fulfilment standpoint, the harmonisation of multichannel processes can be a daunting prospect, as ecommerce orders have a different profile from store orders. In online transactions, the customer is essentially asked to pay for their items in advance and therefore expects to receive their goods in a timely and error-free manner. You must have a system in place that prioritises these orders and facilitates them being dispatched to customers as quickly as possible.

Depending on the size of your operation, this could mean integrating e-fulfilment into your overall existing warehouse and inventory management system; establishing a separate e-fulfilment area in your existing operation, solely dedicated to your ecommerce transactions; or outsourcing e-fulfilment to a third party.

In exploring your options, keep in mind that ecommerce often entails small orders consisting of discrete items, so it is not possible to automate the e-fulfilment processes to the same degree as in traditional retail logistics. You will need to have in place inventory systems that support the most efficient picking, packing and distribution of these types of orders.

And though fulfilment happens behind the scenes as far as your customers are concerned, it is still important to think about their experience when evaluating your inventory workflow. Simply put, no matter what stage you are in with regard to multichannel fulfilment and distribution, letting your customer’s journey be a guide for the solutions you choose will ensure you deliver a seamless customer and brand experience.


DPD Employees To Host Shave or Dye Event 27 July 2013

21 June 2013 – DPD employees Dermot O’Rourke, Tricia Dunning and Arlene Ryan have come together to organise an event as part of Shave or Dye, Today FM’s annual charity drive in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. Participants in Shave or Dye events enlist friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them to shave or dye their hair, and all money raised goes toward the Irish Cancer Society’s efforts in the fight against cancer. In support of its employees’ charitable efforts, DPD has pledged to match all funds raised for the event.

Dermot, Tricia and Arlene decided to launch the event as a means of doing their part for a cause they see as close to everyone’s hearts.

“Nearly everyone has a family member, friend or colleague in their lives who has been diagnosed with cancer. Some are facing a diagnosis themselves. We’re all affected by it,” says Dermot, an IT Administrator at DPD. “We wanted to do something to help.”

“We decided to do a Shave or Dye event because we knew it would get people talking, and hopefully inspire them to get involved,” adds Tricia, a DPD Data Analyst.

Taking place in The Bounty in Athlone on the 27th of July, the event already has a few willing volunteers signed on for the signature shaving and dyeing. It’s generating plenty of buzz, too, in the office and beyond.

“We’ve had a great response so far,” says Arlene, a Customer Services Team Member at DPD. “The whole idea of seeing friends and colleagues getting their heads shaved or dyeing their hair a mad colour, it really does spark the imagination. It’s a great motivator.”

To donate or get involved, visit the event’s mycharity.ie page. To keep up with the event’s latest news or to cheer on participants, visit the Facebook event page.

Learn more about Shave or Dye on the Irish Cancer Society website

Go Mobile with DPD Ireland - Introducing our New Mobile Site

7 Jan 2013 – We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new mobile DPD Ireland web site, now live at m.dpd.ie. Designed for optimal performance on any smartphone or web-enabled device, the mobile site provides similar functionality to our desktop site, enabling users on the go to easily access tracking details and other important delivery information.

 “With the launch of our mobile site, we have created a seamless DPD Ireland web experience,” said DPD Ireland IT Manager Colin Kennedy. “Now our customers – and their customers, too – can access the information they need from almost anywhere.”

With a recent study by international consulting firm Accenture indicating Irish internet users access the web via mobile devices more than users in most other countries*, the launch of the DPD Ireland mobile web site signals our commitment to remaining at the forefront of the latest technology trends.

 In 2011, we launched our advanced notification service Predict™ to head off a need in the growing ecommerce market for a flexible business-to-consumer delivery solution. We also developed sophisticated point-of-delivery solutions that enable the transmission of pertinent information to customers in real time, such as proof of ID and proof of delivery. These solutions allow companies to safeguard against credit card and other types of fraud, which present a growing problem in the modern marketplace.

 “We offer a host of innovative solutions that help our customers keep pace with today’s rapidly changing business environment,” Kennedy said. “Our mobile site is yet another way we can help customers leverage the latest technologies, and to ensure they’ll always have the information they need at hand.”

 Visit our mobile site: m.dpd.ie

 *Study can be found on Accenture’s web site here. (This link leads to another web site not under our control. We are not responsible for its content or for the content of any linked site; DPD Ireland accepts no liability in respect of the content on linked sites.)

Minister Richard Bruton opens DPD's new Fulfilment Centre

On 19th April 2012, DPD Ireland, Ireland’s leading express parcel carrier, announced a further expansion of its fulfilment and distribution facility in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. And with its latest expansion, DPD expects to create over 50 new positions over the next 18 months.Founded in 1986, with just 10 depots, DPD has rapidly grown to become Ireland’s leading express parcels provider with a network of 38 depots throughout Ireland, currently employing over 600 people. 

“DPD’s business is almost like a bell weather of the Irish economy. It directly reflects Ireland’s changing economic environment. DPD’s customer base has become increasingly cost conscious - right across every sector. We’ve had to adapt quickly to that change. Through strong investment in Research and Development and Technical Innovation, we’ve improved efficiencies for DPD and for our customers. We’re delivering their products faster, safer, and more cost effectively.” said Brendan O’Neill, CEO of DPD Ireland.

DPD currently contribute over €40 million to the Irish economy. It has 350 vehicles on the road, carrying over 8 million parcels a year.

 Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD said:“Today’s announcement that DPD Ireland is expanding its business in Athlone with the creation of 50 jobs is a great boost for the region. This is a company expanding through increased use of technology, R&D and innovation, and through the Action Plan for Jobs we will be seeking to encourage more businesses to follow this path. I congratulate all involved and wish them all the best for the future”.

 The web has become a very important tool to DPD. It gives customers access to real-time updates on parcel delivery status and collection updates. This allows the receiver to have interactive delivery scheduling and provide options on delivery points so that goods get to the customer when expected.

Customer feedback indicated that they wanted to have more options around delivery of parcels. DPD’s Predict™ service provides the receiver with a three hour time window in which to expect delivery of their parcel.

 “DPD’s growth directly reflects growth in e-commerce and internet shopping. Our in-house development team produces innovative solutions that improve the private consumer experience. We’ve made the parcel delivery process simpler, quicker and easier. We’re already dominating business to business parcel delivery. Now with our large network of depots and vehicles and flexible delivery solutions, DPD are fast becoming the preferred carrier of the business to private consumer market. 52 weeks a year we routinely deliver to over 1.75 million Irish households and 85% of businesses.As a fulfilment and delivery provider, we have to be constantly innovating and developing solutions to suit a constantly changing marketplace – that’s one of the things that DPD does best,” said Brendan O’Neill.

DPD Ireland Achieves AEO Accreditation

DPD Ireland Achieves AEO Accreditation - Sept 2011

DPD Ireland is part of Geopost, a subsidiary of La Poste. With of 800 depots in more than 40 countries and 2 million parcels shipped through the network daily, we are one of the leading providers of parcel delivery services worldwide. We have seen our road service to Europe has grown significantlyover the last 4 years, directly reflecting export growth in Ireland overall. 

This month, DPD Ireland achieved AEO accreditation. AEO status is a certified standard issued by customs administrations in the EU. It certifies that a business has met certain standards in relation to their security, management systems, compliance with customs rules and ongoing solvency.

This means that DPD customers can look forward to fewer physical and documentary examinations of shipments and priority processing by Customs.

Interlink rebrand as DPD - 25th February 2008

We at Interlink Ireland have delivered a premium quality parcel delivery service to our customers since 1985. Our organisation has continually developed and grown. We have expanded our range of services in line with your needs. In 2006, our new, purpose-built fully-automated hub was opened in Athlone giving Interlink Ireland scope for future growth, allowing us to meet growing and changing customer needs and requirements. Interlink Ireland is now changing its name to DPD. Our parent company, La Poste, is uniting its express parcel companies under one single brand - DPD - so that we can provide you with one, united, delivery partner throughout Europe and beyond.


Interlink Ireland Opens New €18m Parcels Sorting Centre - June 2006 - 14 November 2008In June 2006 Interlink Ireland unveiled its state-of-the-art parcel sorting centre in Athlone, Co Westmeath. The new 6,150sq m automated sorting plant will employ 200 people. Interlink Ireland is the Irish subsidiary of GeoPost S.A. the parcels and express delivery division of La Poste (the French Post Office). Interlink Ireland will turn over €40million this year, has been in operation for over 20 years and had a network of 33 depots nationwide, employing 600 people overall.The new parcel sorting centre and Head Office development marks an €18,000,000 investment by La Poste; and according to Brendan O' Neill, CEO of Interlink Ireland "The extra speed and capacity of the new system will help our growth curve".The opening ceremony was performed by Senator Mary O' Rourke.

DPD Expands network in Northern Ireland

Even during a recession it is critical that businesses expand and change to continue to meet customer needs. This has been the case for DPD Ireland, who have increased the number of depots located in Northern Ireland from five to seven in recent months.This brings the total number of depots in Ireland to 38 premises, making DPD by far the largest express parcels network in the country. The expansion in the North allows us to offer an improved level of service to our customers there, with more resources to manage these customers’ accounts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention. The new depots are located in Banbridge (operated by Jamie Mulholland and Graham Robertson) and Antrim (operated by Glen Taggart and Paul McIntyre).Pictured right are Jamie Mulholland and Graham Robertson, South Down Network Members.

DPD Supports IHF Happy Heart Weekend

DPD Ireland are delighted to support the Irish Heart Foundation's Happy Heart Weekend campaign by providing distribution services for the CPR 4 Schools programme, which takes place on the 14th to 16th of May.The programme involves the training of 27,200 Transition Year Students in the lifesaving skills of cardipulmonary resiscitation (CPR). The aim is to significantly increase the number of people who know how to apply CPR, which impacts directly on Ireland's survival rate for victims of cardiac arrest in the home. The current rate of survival for a cardiac arrest occurring outside of hospital is just one per cent.To make a donation or get involved visit www.happyheartweekend.ie

DPD is an Angel for the IWA

Every November the Irish Wheelchair Association’s National Fundraising Campaign takes place, with the help of DPD Ireland. DPD's team distribute 'Angel Pins', which are available in shops throughout the country for €2. Throughout the month of November, supporters of the IWA are holding Angel Day events all over Ireland. The 2009 Angel Day campaign is hoping to raise over €500,000 and is proudly sponsored by DPD Ireland.The IWA was founded in 1960 and is committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities in Ireland. DPD Ireland have had a long association with the Irish Wheelchair Association, having provided distribution services for them for over 10 years. For further information on the IWA Angel Campaign, visit www.iwa.ie