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Updated August 2021 

Brexit came into effect as of January 1st, 2021. Declarations are required for all goods coming into or out of the Republic of Ireland to/ from Great Britain. 

Please tell your consignee to expect SMS and Email communication from DPD with their Predict 1 hour window for delivery once their parcel is in the UK delivery network. 

We are also receiving parcels from customers that cannot be shipped onwards to GB as they do not have the required Brexit information. These will be returned to you. Remember that shipments travelling from Republic Of Ireland to Great Britain require full customs' information - see below.

Note: we will be temporarily suspending our Third Party Collection service from mainland Great Britain into the Republic from December 23rd 2020. We hope to reinstate the service in due course and will keep you up to date regarding any changes. We are currently not offering a service between Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. 

Note: We want to remind you that if you are shipping to consumers (i.e. not a business) in GB, you should have a GB VAT number. While this is not yet compulsory, it will become a mandatory requirement in the near future. If you don't have one, please make sure to apply for one today. Click here to apply. You'll find all the details you need on the HMRC website available hereOnce this becomes a mandatory requirement, any shipment to consumer that does not include a valid GB VAT number cannot be processed. 

Update to current temporary arrangements for parcels moving between GB and NI

On 31st Dec 2020, the HMRC announced a temporary grace period arrangement, eliminating the need for customs declarations to be made with the exception of excise, prohibited, restricted and high value business to business goods. This temporary arrangement is to be extended.

For business to business movements, these temporary arrangements will cease on 1st October.  For all other movement types, the HMRC will not be making changes on 1st April as previously planned. Instead businesses and carriers will have 6 months to prepare for new customs declaration requirements, from the date of the publication of guidance on these arrangements, expected shortly. 

For more information on which products will need to be declared and for general guidance, please go to this gov.uk link :https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sending-parcels-between-great-britain-and-northern-ireland

Here is a reminder again of the steps that you need to take to ensure that you are Brexit-ready:

1. Apply for an EORI number if you do not currently ship goods outside the EU. EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number.

Registration for the EORI is straightforward. For ROI VAT registered customers, this can be done via the ROS site. Revenue has a guide on their site to show you exactly what to do. It can take up to 3 days for this EORI number to be live. You will not be able to create shipments to locations outside the EU without this. Nor will you be able to ship from outside the EU into the EU. 

Note - UK VAT:

-Irish Businesses sending goods to customers will have to register for UK VAT and charge VAT at Basket for goods with an invoice value of less than £135. 

-2B consignments where UK business is not VAT registered or does not provide the UK VAT number at sale, Irish business charges VAT at Basket.

 -2B consignments where UK business is VAT registered and provides  UK VAT number at sale, Irish business does NOT charge VAT at sale. UK business will pay their VAT as part of their normal VAT payment.

Get your Description of Goods, Country of Origin and Harmonisation Codes! If you have a number of different products to sell, start compiling harmonisation codes now.

If you have a number of different products to sell, you should start compiling these codes now. Here is a link for the Taric site for ROI customers. You need these codes to ship goods outside the EU or from outside the EU into the EU. You will not be able to ship with DPD without these.

The HMRC has released a tool to help find the HS codes for import into the UK and to know the VAT and duty for that HS code that will be due on import into the UK.
For ROI customers click here

You can also find information as to how to find and obtain your HS codes here


DPD will not carry goods that require checks at the Border, including food items and goods of plant and/or animal origin. Please see the list of prohibited and restricted goods.

Shipping Multi-parcel Consignments
For customs clearance purposes, all multi-parcel shipments must be declared together to Revenue and shipped together therefore you need to ensure that the number of parcels manifested on a consignment is the number of parcels shipped and received into Athlone.

3. If you are a DPD Customer Dispatch System customer, or if you use consignment notes, you must install the new DPD Brexit Ready Shipping Solution. Contact helpdesk@dpd.ie for details if you haven’t already done so. If you ship with DPD Ireland via API, an integrated system or EDI (electronic data interchange), you will need to speak with your IT team NOW, as there are updates that need to be done in preparation for Brexit (to include descriptions, values, HS codes etc.). If your Shipping Solution does not have the appropriate fields required to ship post Brexit, you will not be able ship parcels. It is critical that you action this requirement now. Customs fields will be activated on our labelling solutions from late 22nd December for any shipments travelling to GB so that we can validate that all data flows are working. Contact brexit@dpd.ie if you require support.



4. Ensure that you are capturing email and mobile numbers for all of your consignees. Why?,  Because this information will be critical to each shipment travelling between Ireland and GB and GB and Ireland. The contact details will be used to communicate with your customers to make them aware of any taxes and duties payable. If we don’t receive these details in the consignment information, we will not be able to process the shipment.

For goods travelling from Northern Ireland, as part of the Northern Ireland Protocol and Withdrawal Agreement, for the vast majority of goods travelling from Northern Ireland to Great Britain, no customs formalities will be required from January 1st 2021. This means DPD Ireland will NOT ask for any customs details from you for your goods travelling from NI to GB, ROI or EU.   

For goods travelling from Great Britain into Northern Ireland, HMRC has advised that a temporary approach is being taken whereby they will not enforce customs requirements on the majority of goods from January 1st - March 31st 2021. 

For any Brexit- related queries you may have, you can contact the DPD Ireland Brexit Team at brexit@dpd.ie