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Brexit Plans

As you are aware, Brexit is on the horizon. As you would expect, DPD Ireland is taking the steps necessary to prepare for the changes ahead. We are part of DPDgroup, Europe's largest road delivery network. We and our colleagues in the UK and mainland Europe are putting actions in place to manage even the worst case scenario of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. We will provide regular updates to this page and give you actions that you will need to put into place to prepare your business and your shipments with DPD for Brexit. Here are a number of key steps that you need to take right now to ensure that you are Brexit ready.

1. If you haven't done so already, apply for an EORI number if you do not currently ship goods outside the EU. EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number.

 Registration for the EORI is straightforward. For ROI VAT registered customers, this can be done via the ROS site.Revenue has a guide on their site to show you exactly what to do. For NI VAT registered customers, you can go to the Gov.UK site. It can take up to 3 days for this EORI number to be live. Remember that if you attempt to import from, or export to, any country outside the EU without this number, your goods will be held.

2. Start looking up HS (Harmonisation) codes for the products that you wish to export from the EU. These HS codes are also known as Commodity Codes. These codes let Customs know what your product is, and what VAT or Duty rate to charge for the goods.

If you have a number of different products to sell, you should start compiling these codes now. Here is a link for the Taric site for ROI customers. For NI customers, you should use this Trade Tariff site.

3. If you ship with DPD Ireland via API, an integrated system or EDI (electronic data interchange), you will need to speak with your IT team as soon as possible, as there will be updates that need to be done in preparation for Brexit (to include descriptions, values, HS codes etc.).



4. Ensure that you are capturing email and mobile numbers for all of your consignees. Why?,  Because this information will be critical to each shipment travelling between Ireland and UK and UK and Ireland. The contact details will be used to communicate with your customers to make them aware of any taxes and duties payable. If we don’t receive these details in the consignment information, we will not be able to process the shipment.

5. If you're exporting from ROI to NI or GB, you'll need an SPRN Number.

What is an SPRN Number?
SPRN means Small Parcel Registration Number.
It relates only to exports from ROI to NI or GB.

Why do I need an SPRN Number?
If you provide us with your SPRN Number in your shipping data, your consignee will not be billed for any UK VAT. Rather, HM Customs will bill you directly. Billing will not commence until October 2019 - billing raised in October will retrospectively cover all shipments dispatched from October 31st onwards (in the event of a Hard Brexit).

How can I get my SPRN Number?
An SPRN Number is a mandatory requirement for all shipments travelling to NI/GB from ROI. It takes literally minutes to set up at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/register-for-import-vat-on-parcels-you-sell-to-uk-buyers

Movement of goods - Requirement for Heat Treated Pallets.

The EU currently requires that all packaging materials being imported from a Third country conform with the requirement of ISPM15 regulations. Essentially all Pallets, Crates, Boxes, Cable Drums, Spools and Dunnage must be heat treated and officially marked with the ISPM15 Stamp consisting of three codes (Country, producer and measure applied) before they will be accepted in the EU. The UK have advised that if they leave with a no deal scenario they will be adopting the same standards and procedures. We advise you contact your pallet supplier now and ensure they can handle the demand in heat treated pallets if you ship goods from EU/UK or UK/EU. Further information can be found here.

Over the coming weeks, we will be advising you of changes to our customer dispatch systems and shipping solutions. These changes will ensure that you can send us all the relevant shipment information required to process goods through customs, including a description of goods, harmonisation codes, shipment value etc.

You can also contact us at brexit@dpd.ie