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Brexit Plans

Brexit is looming - while there is some clarity to the process - the UK will be leaving the EU on Friday the 31st of January, at 11pm - how the border in the Irish Sea will work is yet to be determined. However, while the UK and EU decide this process, the UK will enter into a transition period for 11 months. This transition period means everything stays exactly as it is today. There will be no customs declarations or customs information required for cross border parcels during this transition period. The transition period expires on the 31st of December 2020.

DPD intends to declare goods on your behalf and will collect duties and taxes from you in advance of delivery. You’ll receive messaging from us with a link to a payment platform. For information, import duty is calculated on a number of key factors like commodity code, value of the item and the cost of transportation on the parcels.

These charges must be paid up front before the goods can be released for delivery.

Some helpful tips are below when receiving parcels from UK to EU and EU to UK.

  • If no deal is reached all goods travelling between EU and UK will have to be customs cleared. This includes goods that are being sent as gifts.
  • The customs duty and VAT are not included in the sale price unless stated by the shipper at point of sale. Please ensure that you are aware of the terms when buying.
  • VAT and duties are calculated on the total cost of the order plus cost of transportation and any insurance associated with the item, not value of the item itself.
  • If you currently receive medication/pharmaceutical or food products from the UK please contact your seller to verify if they will still be in a position to ship this products to the EU/UK post Brexit. For specific details please check the ROS site

Updated January 2020