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BREXIT – what you need to know


Brexit Changes

Brexit Plans

We’re going through a period of great uncertainty with regard to what the future holds for those who make purchases from suppliers based in the UK, whether you’re a business or a private consumer. Currently, as part of the EU, trade between our two countries is simple. If Brexit becomes a reality, things could change dramatically.

At DPD, we want to ensure that the parcel delivery process can continue to be as smooth as possible. We’ll have updates here on our Brexit page so save the link for future reference.

In the event that customs processes become a fact of life for trade between UK and Ireland, duties and taxes will be payable on purchases. DPD intends to declare goods on your behalf and will collect duties and taxes from you in advance of delivery. You’ll receive messaging from us with a link to a payment platform. For information, import duty is calculated on a number of key factors like country of origin, commodity code, value of the item.  

For specific details please check ROS site

Updated December 2018